Remembering You

Remembering You

You’ve wrapped yourself,
around the tendrils of my heart.
Embedded deep within the memories,
from which I can never seem to part.

I find myself wanting,
to curl my hands about the contours of your face.
To kiss the lips,
that make my pulse race.

I sometimes hate the fact,
that I feel the way I do.
Unable to remove,
the memory of you.

I remember the moments,
that we’ve once shared.
When you were so close.
Always knowing that you cared.

My mind and my heart,
refuse to forget.
Recalling with vivid details,
the time we spent.

I love you and can’t seem to stop.
It grows more each day.
Enveloping every inch of me.
Drowning within love’s sweet bouquet.

I yearn for that moment,
when I can at least hold you in my arms.
To smile and say hello.
Fully rid of all my qualms.

The past doesn’t matter, Love.
It never has.
We should, instead, live for the future,
and forget about what happened in the past.

© July 11, 2011 L.E.M.


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