Is It Working As Intended?

scroll Let’s say you’re like me – still new to this Indie Author thing. You’ve set up the needed platforms to promote your work – Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and several other sources. You’ve created a blog and started posting whenever possible. has become your best friend as it is handy whenever you need to shorten links. Overall, you’re making friends and establishing that much needed online presence, although you know that you’ve a long way to go.

Everything seems to be going well and you’re quite content with how things are going, so far. You do your best to keep up with everything as each day goes by and you’re thinking that things are where they should be. Nothing seems out of order and you’re sure that you’ve done everything possible in making others aware of you and your writing. But have you done enough? Continue reading

HTML, CSS, And Everything Else

office matsI learned something tonight. Actually, I’ve learned a lot. The new knowledge that I’ve gained has lent insight to things that I didn’t truly know about HTML, CSS, PHP, and everything else that entails with creating a website. Which is a good thing.

I spent most of my day today between writing and working on my website, while also doing whatever else needed doing here at home. Now, I must admit that I have always considered myself quite knowledgeable in all things that have to do with creating a website. Tonight, I came to the realization that I’m really not. I’ve a lot more that I need to learn. Continue reading