Guest Blog: Fun Facts About Gregory Marshall Smith

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Fun Facts About Gregory Marshall Smith


Hunters Tour ButtonHello, Lissette.

Thank you for letting me have this time to tell you a few interesting things about myself and my book.

As, hopefully, everyone will know soon, I am the author of the new novel Hunters, which is about a band of humans desperately working to stop vampires from uniting for a deadly new alliance.

That said, let us get to some of the fun facts: Continue reading


So, I Need An Opinion . . .

stuck large thumbnail I’m thinking of offering the PDF version for free when Stuck releases next month. But I’m not sure if I should offer it on the same day of release or several days prior.

Also, I keep wondering if this is will be a savvy marketing move, of sorts. Would people still purchase the book, even with the PDF offered free, later on down the line?

I’ve never done this sort of thing before, really. I’m trying to set up events and what not that coincide with the release. I’ve already set up a book giveaway via Goodreads several weeks ago for Closure that coincides with Stuck’s release and will also be offering the ebook for free via SW starting on the 15th of August through the 30th of September. Continue reading

Looking For Ideas

As most of you know, I’ve set the release date for my new story for the 29th of September. I’m now looking to create some sort of online launch event to coincide with it. I’m still new to this sort of thing, so I figured that I’d inquire and get a little feedback on what I can do to promote the book/its release date.

Would a contest where someone could win a copy of my new story before its to be released sound like something promising? Would people even enter? And should I do this several days, but leading up to, the day it releases?

I was thinking of scavenger hunt since I’ve seen quite a few authors do that. Or possibly setting up a book tour for author’s that starts on my blog. This would be like a five day thing that would lead up to the 29th. Continue reading