Lost Within Your Memory

Lost Within Your Memory

I feel so lost.
Drowning with the memory of you.
Shallow breaths,
that sometimes fail to escape my lips.
Struggling to breach the surface,
of the thoughts that try to engulf me.
I yearn to make sense,
of it all.
To be released from those dreams,
that show me what I don’t want to see. Continue reading

I Fail To Understand

I Fail To Understand

I’m at a loss,
as to what I want to say.
Pissing people off,
left and right.
There are words,
tumbling through the recesses of my brain.
Formulating into a gibberish,
that I fail to understand.
I know what to do,
and how it should be said.
Yet I can’t seem to piece together,
that lucid train of thought. Continue reading



I came to think,
that you were never there.
That you didn’t give a damn,
and didn’t really care.

There were moments when the light would blink,
at the end of that dark tunnel.
When the clarity would sink in,
and I’d let go of that inner struggle. Continue reading


(I was brooding about something IRL when I wrote this earlier, so I apologize for the darkness of its tone.)


We seek acceptance from those,
we come across every day.
Hoping that we’ll bring them a smile,
as we go about our way.

Never truly knowing if we’ve made a difference,
within those paths we’ve crossed.
Forever wondering if we can call them friends.
Shrugging away those uncertainties, no matter the cost. Continue reading

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Live like there’s no tomorrow.
As if there’s nothing holding you back.
Encompass the world,
within the palm of your hand.
Lifting it up for others to see.
Let go of those regrets.
The ones that will hold you back.
Smile and be free. Continue reading