New Book Review Site

I decided recently that it might be best to transfer all of the current book reviews to a new site. It would eliminate the clutter here on my main site, I think, and would make it easier to find all the book reviews on just one site.

I’m still working on submission guidelines, in case anyone would like us to review their books. I promise that I’ll have that information ready for you all soon.

We accept ebook review submissions and are also willing to review any print editions. It may take us some time to get the reviews done and posted up, so we do ask that you bear with us as we get on that. Continue reading

Is It Working As Intended?

scroll Let’s say you’re like me – still new to this Indie Author thing. You’ve set up the needed platforms to promote your work – Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and several other sources. You’ve created a blog and started posting whenever possible. has become your best friend as it is handy whenever you need to shorten links. Overall, you’re making friends and establishing that much needed online presence, although you know that you’ve a long way to go.

Everything seems to be going well and you’re quite content with how things are going, so far. You do your best to keep up with everything as each day goes by and you’re thinking that things are where they should be. Nothing seems out of order and you’re sure that you’ve done everything possible in making others aware of you and your writing. But have you done enough? Continue reading

This Little Thing Called Twitter

twitter logo [warning]I take no credit for the Twitter logo. It’s just a blown-up screenshot piece of my desktop screen that I took while viewing my Twitter page.[/warning]

It’s wonderful, isn’t it? So much so, that one could get lost in it for hours on end and lose track of what we’re doing or of what we meant to do.

I first joined the site back in May of 2009. I confess I was sketchy about it, as a lot of people back then said that it wasn’t that good of a social platform. I’m honestly glad that they were wrong. I’ve made myself a tiny little niche in all things Twitter and I think I’ll stay there for as long as it is possible. Continue reading

Maintaining A Website And A Blog

pen etc Maintaining a website and a blog at the same time takes some doing. I confess that I suck at it. Mind you, I had no problem creating either. It’s just the updating that I do badly with. But in my defense, when I do take the time to update them, I do it with gusto.

Take today, for instance. I spent several hours updating the pages on my website, adding in a calendar on several of the pages and posting the appropriate links to my RSS feed, my Twitter, and my Facebook author’s page. The feed link, though, goes straight to this blog, as I still need to create the .XML file that will allow me to link to my website’s feed stream. Which should come into being soon. Continue reading