Free Books

The links that you find here on this page are the .PDF versions of my books that I am offering to you, the reader, to download for FREE. These books were created expressly by me.

Please Note: Be aware that while I am offering you these versions for FREE, pirating my work is not acceptable and I will take every measure available within the law to prosecute all those that do/try to/have pirated my work. We, authors, take the time to make our work available legally to you. There is no need to pirate our work just because you don’t wish to pay for it.

Reviews are always welcome, as it lets me know what people like/dislike about my work. If you’d love to offer a review, feel free to post it up on either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or Smashwords. Don’t forget to link me to your review. It would be very much appreciated.

Also, please be aware that should you try and send the .PDF to Amazon so that they can convert it for viewing on the Kindle, it will garble the formatting of the .PDF. A friend of mine, and I, tested things out and sure enough, the conversion stripped the formatting of the .PDF itself. So I wouldn’t recommend sending the files to Amazon for conversion to .PRC. Unless you don’t mind that they garble the formatted file. It won’t look as neat, though.


To download the file onto your computer, just right-click on the appropriate cover, and  Save Link As . . .


Available FREE .PDF Works




Compromise of the Soul

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