Buy 1, Get 2 Free

Stuck Book Cover Stuck has been officially released. You can find it up now on Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

With it’s release, I’m offering the following promotion. From now until the 15th of October, all those who purchase a copy of Stuck, be it via Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, will receive a free copy of Closure and Compromise of the Soul.

All people need to do once once they’ve purchased a copy of Stuck is to email me a copy of their purchase receipt to, and I’ll email them the free copies of each book. Don’t forget to specify what format you’d like to receive the free copies in, either Kindle or Nook. If there are those of you who have both a Kindle and Nook, let me know and I’ll forward you both formats of each free book so that you can read it on either reader. Continue reading

Complimentary Free Copy Of Closure

closure thumbnail Hiya, peeps.

As most of you all know, I’ve a book releasing next month titled Stuck. It’s a post-apocalyptic, science-fiction story centered around a mother who is intent on providing for her family and the consequences that ensue when she goes out one night in hopes of doing just that.

In preparation for the Stuck’s release, I’ve decided to offer Closure to you all for free via Smashwords. Yep, you heard it right. You can get the story for free and in any format that you’d like to read it in. Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, PDF, Palm, – Smashwords will allow you to get it however you want it.

In order to get your complimentary free copy of my story, just go HERE and enter the following coupon code: YH96Z in the little box that’s provided and just hit CHECKOUT. It’s that easy! Continue reading

Project Updates

books These last few days I’ve been working on cultivating the insane idea that’s taken over part of my mind in regards to my Tales Of Velosia series. While this series is not yet available, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a blog, a twitter, and a facebook page that centers around the world that I’ve been creating for it.

It’s been quite a daunting task, but I’m meeting it with gusto and so much excitement. In addition to sharing, and promoting the series as I go along, I’ve also been working on other projects, as well. Continue reading

Current Giveaway Has Ended

Well, we only had one entry for the giveaway that I had going on for this blog. But it’s all gravy. There will be many more and countless other goodies to get out.

Congratulations, Beba Colon, on your free and signed copy of Closure. I’ll email it to you in just a little bit.

If you can post a review of it up on Amazon that would be lovely. It’ll give the story more exposure.

Thanks for participating!

A Review

closure thumbnail I just wanted to share with you all another review of my story from Craig Hallam. Many thank you’s, Craig for your thoughts. I appreciate it very much. ❤

Craig Hallam: I enjoyed it, although it’s not my usual fare. I like how you start with a hook then double back, and the general feel of it. The archaic language kind of slowed it down for me, making it less easy to read but the style was consistent so that might be just a personal preference.

It ended feeling like there should be more, or that I wanted to read more; like the story wasn’t over and there were still things I wanted to find out about the character. Maybe it could be the start of a longer piece? Continue reading

A Recent Review On Closure

closure thumbnail A friend of mine, KNK_INK, read my story recently and let me know her thoughts/review on my story. She’s graciously allowed me to post it up here on my blog, which I thank her very much for.

Anything you need, hon, I’m there!

I thought I’d share with you all what she had to say. 🙂 Continue reading