(I was brooding about something IRL when I wrote this earlier, so I apologize for the darkness of its tone.)


We seek acceptance from those,
we come across every day.
Hoping that we’ll bring them a smile,
as we go about our way.

Never truly knowing if we’ve made a difference,
within those paths we’ve crossed.
Forever wondering if we can call them friends.
Shrugging away those uncertainties, no matter the cost. Continue reading


Within A Dark Abyss

Within A Dark Abyss

My mind reels as I wonder,
how I’ve sunk so low.
Floundering within a dark abyss,
that threatens to claim me wherever I may to go.

Images of this life led flicker back and forth.
Reminding me of things better left unsaid.
Unable to shake off,
those thin tendrils of dread. Continue reading