Guest Blog: Fun Facts About Gregory Marshall Smith

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Fun Facts About Gregory Marshall Smith


Hunters Tour ButtonHello, Lissette.

Thank you for letting me have this time to tell you a few interesting things about myself and my book.

As, hopefully, everyone will know soon, I am the author of the new novel Hunters, which is about a band of humans desperately working to stop vampires from uniting for a deadly new alliance.

That said, let us get to some of the fun facts: Continue reading

Guest Blog – Two Brothers Metz

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GK Button Hi Lissette! The Two Brothers Metz (Lafe and Rhett) are thrilled to have the opportunity to share your blog for the day.

I (Rhett) am at the helm for the duration. That being the case, and since I love top five lists, I thought it would be fun to share the top five most ridiculous random facts I can think of about my co-author and big brother Lafe. This seems especially appropriate since he’s not here to defend himself. Continue reading