I came to think,
that you were never there.
That you didn’t give a damn,
and didn’t really care.

There were moments when the light would blink,
at the end of that dark tunnel.
When the clarity would sink in,
and I’d let go of that inner struggle. Continue reading



(I was brooding about something IRL when I wrote this earlier, so I apologize for the darkness of its tone.)


We seek acceptance from those,
we come across every day.
Hoping that we’ll bring them a smile,
as we go about our way.

Never truly knowing if we’ve made a difference,
within those paths we’ve crossed.
Forever wondering if we can call them friends.
Shrugging away those uncertainties, no matter the cost. Continue reading

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Live like there’s no tomorrow.
As if there’s nothing holding you back.
Encompass the world,
within the palm of your hand.
Lifting it up for others to see.
Let go of those regrets.
The ones that will hold you back.
Smile and be free. Continue reading

Remembering You

Remembering You

You’ve wrapped yourself,
around the tendrils of my heart.
Embedded deep within the memories,
from which I can never seem to part.

I find myself wanting,
to curl my hands about the contours of your face.
To kiss the lips,
that make my pulse race. Continue reading

The Pain Of Her Existence

The Pain Of Her Existence

Tears streak her cheeks,
as she lies across her bed.
Her soul is slowly breaking.
Her wrists stained thick with red.

She feels her life is hopeless.
Unwilling to go on.
Alone and afraid,
she feels that hope is truly gone. Continue reading

We All Have Our Seasons

It’s been said that friendship is forever. We meet people everywhere we go, drifting through life and befriending those that we come across. Most friendships forged are able to stand the test of time, while some are only meant to be fleeting.

Those that we consider friends are meant to be in your life. They’re the ones that stick by you no matter what happens – be it good or bad. They’ll argue with you when they don’t agree on whatever random topic you’re discussing and might walk away in a bit of a huff, but let’s face it – at the end of the day, you’re back to being friends and ready to tackle the next storm that comes your way.

Others saunter on through, never looking back at you once they’re done getting whatever they need out of you. These are the ones that achieve only the role of a passer-by, leaving a small imprint behind that you’ll think about randomly. These are the ones that were never meant to be. Continue reading

Life’s Choices

Spring Hill, Florida Life is about choices. Everything we do determines the paths we take and the persons we become. Good or bad, we all learn from the choices that we make.

Most of us are content with the lives we lead, never giving thought to the what if’s or could be’s. Yet I bet that there’s a good many of us that wonder as to whether things could have been different. Hell, even those that never question the paths they’ve taken in life have probably wondered if they could have changed a certain aspect of their life and made things better.

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t listened to my Mom and taken the path that she’d chosen for me. Where would I have ended up? Would I have become the writer that I always wanted to be? Would my dreams of going to college back then have played themselves out? Would I have had the family that I’ve always wanted? You know, the single-family home, two beautiful children, and the freedom to do what I’ve always wanted to do and be who I was truly meant to be. Continue reading