Sacred Treasures

Sacred Treasures

Raindrops glisten on the window sill.
A steady beat pounding to the sound of my own heart.
Contentment pours from deep within,
enveloping everything in its wake.
The earth moves beneath my toes,
as I walk across the sacred soil.
Arms stretched to embrace the life,
that it so willingly gives forth.
Beloved are the ways that make themselves known,
to those that believe.
Nurtured by a merciful God,
that lovingly tends to his growing flock.
Such treasures are never meant,
to be taken for granted.
Instead, we should bask within their glories,
and give thanks for what we’ve been given.

© June 29, 2011 L.E.M.


Within A Dark Abyss

Within A Dark Abyss

My mind reels as I wonder,
how I’ve sunk so low.
Floundering within a dark abyss,
that threatens to claim me wherever I may to go.

Images of this life led flicker back and forth.
Reminding me of things better left unsaid.
Unable to shake off,
those thin tendrils of dread. Continue reading

So Not Down With The Sickness!

My hands flutter across the keys – a myriad of thoughts are tumbling about inside of my head. I keep trying to formulate them . . . to make sense of what my mind is trying to tell me. But when lucidity seems to hit, every thought seems to shatter and fall back into obscurity.

I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps, it’s just because I’m sick and my mind seems to working faster than my hands can keep up. Has this ever happened to you?

Mind you, I’ve been writing off and on today. Bits and pieces of things that I’ve been working  and the occasional poetry that seems to spit out of me at a moment’s notice. Yet I still feel distracted. Like I’m not all here, even though I am. Continue reading

The Joys Of Being Up Late

cup noodles umbrella Ahhh . . .  the joys of being up late. I woke up about two hours ago and can’t seem to get back to sleep. The rain isn’t helping much, either. But alas, I’ve been here writing, off and on, and creating a couple images in the process.

Not sure what woke me, but I do remember the eerie images of a war and children hiding rolling around in my head. I think it was some sort of nightmare, but I wasn’t scared. I can actually recall the dream, too. Which is unusual because most times I forget what I’ve been dreaming. Continue reading

Blog Tour De Troops

So I’ve had the luxury of actually having this place to myself tonight and have been enjoying the solitude and the fact that there’s no one to look over my shoulder or criticize.

I’ve been catching up on all the emails from IBC’s Blog Tour De Troops and occasionally going back to quite a few of the blogs and reading the new comments that have been posted in regards to the event/Memorial Day. It’s been amazing to read all the blogs that have been shared and to learn so much within these last four days. The support that’s been issued by everyone taking part has been phenomenal. It really has. Continue reading