So Not Down With The Sickness!

My hands flutter across the keys – a myriad of thoughts are tumbling about inside of my head. I keep trying to formulate them . . . to make sense of what my mind is trying to tell me. But when lucidity seems to hit, every thought seems to shatter and fall back into obscurity.

I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps, it’s just because I’m sick and my mind seems to working faster than my hands can keep up. Has this ever happened to you?

Mind you, I’ve been writing off and on today. Bits and pieces of things that I’ve been working  and the occasional poetry that seems to spit out of me at a moment’s notice. Yet I still feel distracted. Like I’m not all here, even though I am. Continue reading


Sometimes . . .

book I’ve been giving thought to a lot of things ever since I started this self-publishing experiment. Well, it started off as an experiment, anyway. The way I had it figured was that hopefully it would help me in becoming a known author.

Sadly, I’ve a long way to go before people really know of me. Sure, I’ve been around online for years, but aside from my friends and family and quite a few others that I’ve met along the way, people really don’t know that I’ve existed for so long. Continue reading