The Pain Of Her Existence

The Pain Of Her Existence

Tears streak her cheeks,
as she lies across her bed.
Her soul is slowly breaking.
Her wrists stained thick with red.

She feels her life is hopeless.
Unwilling to go on.
Alone and afraid,
she feels that hope is truly gone. Continue reading


There’s No One Else

There’s No One Else

Your breath fans across my skin.
So sweet and delicious.
Sending tremors deep within.
Driven crazy with desire.
Aching for that release.
You keep me guessing,
with your daring touch.
Writhing beneath you.
Frantic, yet eager.
There’s no one else that can sate,
the hunger that lies deep inside.
For you’re the only one,
who holds my soul within the palm of your hand.

© July 3, 2011 L.E.M.

Sacred Treasures

Sacred Treasures

Raindrops glisten on the window sill.
A steady beat pounding to the sound of my own heart.
Contentment pours from deep within,
enveloping everything in its wake.
The earth moves beneath my toes,
as I walk across the sacred soil.
Arms stretched to embrace the life,
that it so willingly gives forth.
Beloved are the ways that make themselves known,
to those that believe.
Nurtured by a merciful God,
that lovingly tends to his growing flock.
Such treasures are never meant,
to be taken for granted.
Instead, we should bask within their glories,
and give thanks for what we’ve been given.

© June 29, 2011 L.E.M.

Within A Dark Abyss

Within A Dark Abyss

My mind reels as I wonder,
how I’ve sunk so low.
Floundering within a dark abyss,
that threatens to claim me wherever I may to go.

Images of this life led flicker back and forth.
Reminding me of things better left unsaid.
Unable to shake off,
those thin tendrils of dread. Continue reading

No One Else Compares

Wrote this randomly via my Twitter.

No One Else Compares

You’re on my mind,
when you shouldn’t be.
Ours is a friendship forged,
through the passing of years.
Strengthened by the time we spend,
laughing and cajoling.
Your tender voice comforts me.
The memories keep me safe,
within the darkest of nights.
For no one else compares to you.

© June 20, 2011 L.E.M.

My Beloved Ghost

My Beloved Ghost

I’m calling up a ghost.
The one I want to see.
The one I thought that I had buried,

I want to see your face.
I want to hear your voice.
I want you to drive me to the brink,
so that I’d have no choice. Continue reading