Remembering You

Remembering You

You’ve wrapped yourself,
around the tendrils of my heart.
Embedded deep within the memories,
from which I can never seem to part.

I find myself wanting,
to curl my hands about the contours of your face.
To kiss the lips,
that make my pulse race. Continue reading


Blog Tour De Troops

So I’ve had the luxury of actually having this place to myself tonight and have been enjoying the solitude and the fact that there’s no one to look over my shoulder or criticize.

I’ve been catching up on all the emails from IBC’s Blog Tour De Troops and occasionally going back to quite a few of the blogs and reading the new comments that have been posted in regards to the event/Memorial Day. It’s been amazing to read all the blogs that have been shared and to learn so much within these last four days. The support that’s been issued by everyone taking part has been phenomenal. It really has. Continue reading