Review: Hunters – Gregory Marshall Smith

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Hunters Book Cover Fort Worth, Texas

Louis Riordan, a vicious, yet determined, master vampire rules the city with an iron thumb. Every thing that happens, every movement made – he knows it all. Surrounding himself with only the best, he seeks to extend his reign over the entire vampiric world, regardless of the consequences. His goal – to gain the allegiance of 16 of America’s top master vampires in hopes of achieving an awakening that will further cement his standing within the dominion that he’s created.

The Hunters have been privy to Riordan’s movements for ages, eager to take him down in any way possible. Considered a ragtag group of mercenaries, Riordan and his cohorts think that The Hunters are easy to take down. Little do they know, looks are definitely deceiving. Continue reading

Review: Gypsy Knights – Two Brothers Metz

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This book was truly an enjoyable read with such an original storyline. Once you start reading, it’s one of those books that’s hard to put down.

The loss of his family has been something that Durriken Brishen has tried to come to terms with as the years have passed. The ancient chess set, one that he’s carried from an early age, is his only link to his heritage, and the memories of his parents, that he has left.

Gifted to him by his grandfather, he’s always wondered as to why the Red Queen has always been missing from the set. Yet this fact has never deterred him from mastering the game of chess. One that he’s been playing ever since he could walk and of which he has a natural skill. A game that speaks to him within every fiber of his being. Continue reading

Another Review Of Stuck By Lucy Swing

Stuck Book Cover Lucy Swing graciously reviewed Stuck for me and forwarded me a copy of the review that she wrote. I wanted to share it with all of you.

Thank you so much for the review, Lucy!




Lucy Swing:

“Stuck” by Lissette E. Manning captured me from the very beginning; spiraling me into her post-apocalyptic world.  In this heart wrenching short story, we follow Annie as she leaves the safety of her home in search of means to provide for her family. As a mother myself, I felt the utter pain Annie went through leaving her children behind and the need to go out into the unknowing to ease her family’s hunger. Continue reading

A Review Of Stuck By Anthony Marchio

Stuck Book Cover Anthony Marchio, a screenwriter and fellow writer, recently reviewed my story, Stuck. Below you’ll find what he had to say.

Thank you so much for the review, Anthony. It’s much appreciated!


Anthony Marchio:

Where do I begin with this story.

From the title of it, you wouldn’t know what’s going on until the very end. The first-person story telling gives this book an amazing feel. The setting in the beginning is great and catches your attention. As the story progresses you get a sense of emotion. But you can’t figure out what it is. The vivid descriptions of the setting really bring this book to life. It’s an emotional ride and very powerful. It will have you tearing up. Continue reading

New Book Review Site

I decided recently that it might be best to transfer all of the current book reviews to a new site. It would eliminate the clutter here on my main site, I think, and would make it easier to find all the book reviews on just one site.

I’m still working on submission guidelines, in case anyone would like us to review their books. I promise that I’ll have that information ready for you all soon.

We accept ebook review submissions and are also willing to review any print editions. It may take us some time to get the reviews done and posted up, so we do ask that you bear with us as we get on that. Continue reading

A Review

closure thumbnail I just wanted to share with you all another review of my story from Craig Hallam. Many thank you’s, Craig for your thoughts. I appreciate it very much. ❤

Craig Hallam: I enjoyed it, although it’s not my usual fare. I like how you start with a hook then double back, and the general feel of it. The archaic language kind of slowed it down for me, making it less easy to read but the style was consistent so that might be just a personal preference.

It ended feeling like there should be more, or that I wanted to read more; like the story wasn’t over and there were still things I wanted to find out about the character. Maybe it could be the start of a longer piece? Continue reading