Sharing/Promoting on Facebook = Spam

So apparently Facebook considers us hopping around on author pages and sharing links for things like Karmic Friday/promoting our pages as spam and irrelevant information and will block a person’s account for 15 days. They’ve also stated that if these person’s continue to post repeatedly once the ban has lifted that they’ll disable the person’s account.

Do they even realize that most of us share our links on each others pages because we’re trying to raise interest in who we are and give each other support in the process? Nope, they don’t. Nor do they realize that the links we share about advice/notifying others of events and what not/etc . . . is not spam.

They don’t care, though. To them doing the above is spam. It’s irrelevant information. They deem our sharing things with one another as something unnecessary. Continue reading

Is It Working As Intended?

scroll Let’s say you’re like me – still new to this Indie Author thing. You’ve set up the needed platforms to promote your work – Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and several other sources. You’ve created a blog and started posting whenever possible. has become your best friend as it is handy whenever you need to shorten links. Overall, you’re making friends and establishing that much needed online presence, although you know that you’ve a long way to go.

Everything seems to be going well and you’re quite content with how things are going, so far. You do your best to keep up with everything as each day goes by and you’re thinking that things are where they should be. Nothing seems out of order and you’re sure that you’ve done everything possible in making others aware of you and your writing. But have you done enough? Continue reading