Review: Gypsy Knights – Two Brothers Metz

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This book was truly an enjoyable read with such an original storyline. Once you start reading, it’s one of those books that’s hard to put down.

The loss of his family has been something that Durriken Brishen has tried to come to terms with as the years have passed. The ancient chess set, one that he’s carried from an early age, is his only link to his heritage, and the memories of his parents, that he has left.

Gifted to him by his grandfather, he’s always wondered as to why the Red Queen has always been missing from the set. Yet this fact has never deterred him from mastering the game of chess. One that he’s been playing ever since he could walk and of which he has a natural skill. A game that speaks to him within every fiber of his being. Continue reading

Guest Blog – Two Brothers Metz

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GK Button Hi Lissette! The Two Brothers Metz (Lafe and Rhett) are thrilled to have the opportunity to share your blog for the day.

I (Rhett) am at the helm for the duration. That being the case, and since I love top five lists, I thought it would be fun to share the top five most ridiculous random facts I can think of about my co-author and big brother Lafe. This seems especially appropriate since he’s not here to defend himself. Continue reading