The Joys Of Being Up Late

cup noodles umbrella Ahhh . . .  the joys of being up late. I woke up about two hours ago and can’t seem to get back to sleep. The rain isn’t helping much, either. But alas, I’ve been here writing, off and on, and creating a couple images in the process.

Not sure what woke me, but I do remember the eerie images of a war and children hiding rolling around in my head. I think it was some sort of nightmare, but I wasn’t scared. I can actually recall the dream, too. Which is unusual because most times I forget what I’ve been dreaming. Continue reading

A Storm Came By

book hand monitor Last night, I meant to log off of the internet to work some more on my manuscript. I somehow got deviated from doing so due to the phone ringing. Mom had called to see how I was doing. When she calls, I can’t ignore it. Well, most times, anyway.

I remember hanging up the phone and sitting back down in front of the PC with the intention of continuing to write when all of the sudden the lights go out. Next thing you know, family from downstairs start running outside. You would think that with the way everyone was running around that the world was going to end. Ironically enough, that’s what the scene outside of my window appeared to be like for several minutes. Continue reading