So Not Down With The Sickness!

My hands flutter across the keys – a myriad of thoughts are tumbling about inside of my head. I keep trying to formulate them . . . to make sense of what my mind is trying to tell me. But when lucidity seems to hit, every thought seems to shatter and fall back into obscurity.

I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps, it’s just because I’m sick and my mind seems to working faster than my hands can keep up. Has this ever happened to you?

Mind you, I’ve been writing off and on today. Bits and pieces of things that I’ve been working  and the occasional poetry that seems to spit out of me at a moment’s notice. Yet I still feel distracted. Like I’m not all here, even though I am. Continue reading

The Joys Of Being Up Late

cup noodles umbrella Ahhh . . .  the joys of being up late. I woke up about two hours ago and can’t seem to get back to sleep. The rain isn’t helping much, either. But alas, I’ve been here writing, off and on, and creating a couple images in the process.

Not sure what woke me, but I do remember the eerie images of a war and children hiding rolling around in my head. I think it was some sort of nightmare, but I wasn’t scared. I can actually recall the dream, too. Which is unusual because most times I forget what I’ve been dreaming. Continue reading

Sample Chapter: Careless

Careless Cover Placeholder

I wanted to share with you all a sample chapter of one of the stories that I’m working on. I hope you all like what I have, thus far. Any thoughts/suggestions/critiques are always appreciated. It helps in allowing to make my writing better so that it’ll appeal to readers such as you. Thanks for taking a moment to read what I’ve written. (I cropped the post, since it’s a tad long. Just click on the read more and you can read the rest of the story. ❤ )


LizzieBeth Continue reading

A Reflection Of The Soul

I’ve been sitting here tonight enjoying a very peaceful, quiet night. Well aside from the television playing Final Fantasy: Advent Children in the background. It’s one of my favorite movies. The video game on which this movie is based on is definitely my most favorite game to play.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with whatever I’ll be blogging about tonight. In all honesty, it has nothing to do with what I’ve been mulling over while doing a bit of writing tonight.

Ironically, I’ve only gotten in 632 words of my manuscript. To most writers, that may not seem much. But to me it’s quite a lot, considering that I haven’t really haven’t had that much of a chance to really do some writing these last few days. Every time that I tried to sit down and put my pen to paper something always came up.

I’m not complaining, mind you. Far from it, really. This is more of a reflection of the things that can interrupt a writer whenever we sit down to pour our hearts and souls into the literature that we hope someone else will read some day and like what they’ve read. Continue reading

Sometimes . . .

book I’ve been giving thought to a lot of things ever since I started this self-publishing experiment. Well, it started off as an experiment, anyway. The way I had it figured was that hopefully it would help me in becoming a known author.

Sadly, I’ve a long way to go before people really know of me. Sure, I’ve been around online for years, but aside from my friends and family and quite a few others that I’ve met along the way, people really don’t know that I’ve existed for so long. Continue reading


distractions Distractions . . .

They come in all shapes and sizes. From people to objects, even the internet. And they almost always seem to pop up whenever I sit down to do some writing.

My worse distraction of all is Twitter. I confess that I always have a window open just for that whenever I’m online. And I shouldn’t, I know, but the invitation to peruse it is just too strong to ignore sometimes. Even when I tell myself that I won’t check it while I’m writing, I almost always do. Continue reading

Maintaining A Website And A Blog

pen etc Maintaining a website and a blog at the same time takes some doing. I confess that I suck at it. Mind you, I had no problem creating either. It’s just the updating that I do badly with. But in my defense, when I do take the time to update them, I do it with gusto.

Take today, for instance. I spent several hours updating the pages on my website, adding in a calendar on several of the pages and posting the appropriate links to my RSS feed, my Twitter, and my Facebook author’s page. The feed link, though, goes straight to this blog, as I still need to create the .XML file that will allow me to link to my website’s feed stream. Which should come into being soon. Continue reading