I apologize for the lack of blog posts these last few days. I haven’t been neglecting my main blog. Far from it, in fact.

I’ve been juggling putting together the events for Stuck’s book release, as well as the promotions attached to it. In addition to working on several critiques for a couple authors.

I’ve also undertaken the maintenance of my new book review site. Which ironically has been getting more support than I had imagined possible. The turn out on that has been phenomenal and I thank you all for the support. I’ve also created a Facebook page for the site. You can find it here: HERE. Feel free to join us there, as well. Continue reading



sunrise As a writer, what are your biggest aspirations?

Mine is that my work is being read and hoping that people enjoy it. It feels great to know what we write is being shared and read by people all over the world. I see it as a legacy, of sorts. Something to be remembered by later on down the line. Does that make sense? Continue reading

So, I Need An Opinion . . .

stuck large thumbnail I’m thinking of offering the PDF version for free when Stuck releases next month. But I’m not sure if I should offer it on the same day of release or several days prior.

Also, I keep wondering if this is will be a savvy marketing move, of sorts. Would people still purchase the book, even with the PDF offered free, later on down the line?

I’ve never done this sort of thing before, really. I’m trying to set up events and what not that coincide with the release. I’ve already set up a book giveaway via Goodreads several weeks ago for Closure that coincides with Stuck’s release and will also be offering the ebook for free via SW starting on the 15th of August through the 30th of September. Continue reading


book covers I’ve been looking back on this wonderful journey that I’ve been on, so far. I have to say that it’s been quite amazing. I’ve met so many beautiful people and have been making awesome friends. Not to mention everything that I’ve been learning about this world as I go along. Unbelievably, it’s only been 3 short months. Continue reading

Honesty Is The Best Policy

mikeyquestions I sometimes wonder why it’s difficult for some people to be upfront with someone about things that happen IRL. Why they feel that perhaps it’s better for someone else to deliver their bad news instead of doing so themselves? Or that they feel the need to ignore the person instead of confronting the situation at hand head-on. I honestly can’t understand that.

I’m the type of person that prefers honesty. I also prefer that people be upfront with me – whether it’s good or bad. One of my biggest pet peeves is having someone beat about the bush and sending someone else in their stead instead of coming to me and communicating about whatever is wrong. It’s mind-boggling to me, it really is. Continue reading

We All Have Our Seasons

It’s been said that friendship is forever. We meet people everywhere we go, drifting through life and befriending those that we come across. Most friendships forged are able to stand the test of time, while some are only meant to be fleeting.

Those that we consider friends are meant to be in your life. They’re the ones that stick by you no matter what happens – be it good or bad. They’ll argue with you when they don’t agree on whatever random topic you’re discussing and might walk away in a bit of a huff, but let’s face it – at the end of the day, you’re back to being friends and ready to tackle the next storm that comes your way.

Others saunter on through, never looking back at you once they’re done getting whatever they need out of you. These are the ones that achieve only the role of a passer-by, leaving a small imprint behind that you’ll think about randomly. These are the ones that were never meant to be. Continue reading

Life’s Choices

Spring Hill, Florida Life is about choices. Everything we do determines the paths we take and the persons we become. Good or bad, we all learn from the choices that we make.

Most of us are content with the lives we lead, never giving thought to the what if’s or could be’s. Yet I bet that there’s a good many of us that wonder as to whether things could have been different. Hell, even those that never question the paths they’ve taken in life have probably wondered if they could have changed a certain aspect of their life and made things better.

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t listened to my Mom and taken the path that she’d chosen for me. Where would I have ended up? Would I have become the writer that I always wanted to be? Would my dreams of going to college back then have played themselves out? Would I have had the family that I’ve always wanted? You know, the single-family home, two beautiful children, and the freedom to do what I’ve always wanted to do and be who I was truly meant to be. Continue reading